Monday, July 9, 2007

Is The Pro Bowl The Most Legitamate All-Star Game

Is the Prow Bowl the most legitimate All-star game in sports? The answer is yes, because no one cares about it.
The MLB all-star game is very illegitimate. It was admittedly rigged by some computer geeks in San Fran to make Barry Bonds start in this year’s All-star game. It was admitted that they had added 800,000 fraudulent votes to Barry Bond’s Total. Without those votes he would have been the last National league Outfielder, instead he will now be starting. Worse of all is that Barry Bond’s Will not step down, And that you, the reader does not know about because Bud Selig is tiring to cover it up.
The Hockey All-Star game is the most Illegitimate of them all. The Upstate New York Computer Geeks picked a bad NHL Player, Rory Fitzpatrick and almost got him into the All-star Game. If the NHL had not taken Votes away from Rory He would have made it in. The Geeks made a vote-o-matic where all you had to do is fill out the ballot and press enter to cast a vote, one could do this an Infinite amount of times. Not only Rory benefited from the vote-o-matic other marginal players were voted in because of this system.
The NBA all-star game is more legit than MLB and NHL All-Star games but, it has some problems. For Example how does Yao Ming have the two highest All-Star game vote totals all time? The answer, China has thousands of workers poking Yao Mings Hole in the All-Star ballot. The NBA will do nothing about it because Yao is their bridge to The Multimillion dollar Chinese market, and the NBA will do everything they can to keep that market on their side.
It is sadly true that the NFL’s Pro Bowl is the most legitimate All-Star game truly because no one cares enough to change the outcome.